Fishing With Phonics is Great for ESL/ELL Students...
The author of this program, who works in a predominately Hispanic low income school, has served many ESL (English as a Second Language) /ELL (English Language Learner) students in his classroom. The very visual and multi-sensory nature of this program and simplistic decoding system were specifically designed to help aid and accelerate decoding and vocabulary acquisition and comprehension for these students.

Taylor Ray Elementary in the Lamar School District, a Blue Ribbon School, is using Fishing With Phonics in its second and third grade dual language classes to help teach native Spanish speakers to read in English.  Due to the systematic comprehensive nature of Fishing With Phonics, one can cover all the crucial phonemes at multiple levels in one year and progress rapidly. The use of decoding methodologies and picture dictionaries helps students make strong bridges to cross between their gifting of two languages.

Fishing With Phonics is Great for ESL/ELL Students...
Fishing With Phonics is Multi-Cultural and Multi-Age…
The cartoon graphics* as seen on this page and throughout the book are intentionally inclusive of multi-cultural, multi-age, multi-gender, and even multi-species images.  Whether you are a first grader or a grandpa just learning to read for the first time, you will see cartoon graphics of people your age in Fishing With Phonics.  Graphics representing multiple ethnic groups are utilized throughout the program.  Both male and female character graphics are utilized. Fishing, just like reading, is an activity that benefits people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders.
Fishing With Phonics is Great for ESL/ELL Students...
*Please note that the figures in the student workbook are in grayscale, NOT COLOR as shown here.

Fishing With Phonics Is...
Fishing With Phonics Is...
  • Multi-Skill and Multi-Level
  • Multi-Sensory
  • Research Based
  • Great for Accelerating/Remediating Instruction
  • Great for ESL/ELL Students
  • Diagnostic and Prescriptive
  • Comprehensive, Systematic, and Spiraling
  • Teacher Friendly and Fun
  • Affordable
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