Fishing With Phonics – It Works!
“One of the benefits of Fishing With Phonics is that it is a systematic approach that is very easy to use for all teachers.  Even beginning teachers are able to implement the program successfully with very little preparation time.  The children love it. They like doing the words. They love trying to beat their times on the fluency drills. Overall, everyone has a benefit with the program.”     
Diane Parks (Elementary Principal – Lamar CISD) 

“I have used it for three or four years. It has really helped my students because a lot of students come to me with definite gaps in their phonics abilities. I use it in my small group teaching to make sure I close in all the gaps.  When there are gaps in phonics there are definitely gaps in comprehension. By closing these gaps I get the kids where they need to be.”
Kim Sauser (3rd Grade – Lamar CISD)

“What I like about Fishing With Phonics is that it is like a puzzle. It gives the kids pieces to put together to make words.  I was working with students who couldn’t decode at all and now they are able to do that using this program.”
Mechaia Lunn (2nd Grade Reading Resource Teacher)

“When I tell my kids we are going to get out our Fishing With Phonics books they begin clapping. They love the lessons.  I have been using it with my native English speakers and I am just starting to use it now with the native Spanish speakers in our dual language program to teach them to read in English.”
Tonya Garza (2nd Grade Dual Language Teacher – Lamar CISD)

“I have attended a local district’s dyslexia training program and attended sessions at a highly recognized reading teacher training institute in the Houston area.  Their programs and approaches to teaching initial reading cannot compare to Fishing With Phonics.  I watched the training DVD two times and began using it.  It is teacher and student friendly and simple to use.  My learning disabled students love it and some are learning to read for the first time.  I can’t wait to start using it from the beginning of the year next year.”
Stephanie Hostettler (4th Grade Resource Reading – Lamar CISD)

“This program is excellent! I’m a big fan of teaching phonics to kids.  It’s such a vital foundation to reading.  I spent some time looking over the materials you have created and I’m impressed!  Love the theme and how you use it throughout the program.  You’ve done a fabulous job.  The fishing lures flashcards are well done.  Lessons are thorough and solid.  I wish you the very best in establishing a base for your product.”
Bonnie Johnson (Reading Specialist - Ft. Bend ISD)

“I love Fishing With Phonics for several reasons. It is so teacher friendly.  I can pick it up with minimal teacher preparation.  The students enjoy it because it is very motivating to them – they love being timed while they read, seeing how fast they can read. It’s a program I use to supplement other programs of mine.”
Catherine Clark (1st-5th Reading Specialist - Lamar CISD)

“I use it to introduce kids to phonics to get them used to breaking up words and seeing little words in big words. I use it also as a source for spelling words.  It is a great supplement to my other programs. The kids are really excited about it.”
Sherry Michna (K-3rd Special Education Resource Teacher)

“I’ve watched Fishing With Phonics from the very beginning.  My favorite part is that I get so excited when a child that was never able to read a three letter word is able to read two, three and four syllable words and do it fluently and be excited himself about it. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that children are finally learning to read.”
Nettie Quimby (4th-5th Grade Paraprofessional – Lamar CISD)

“The thing I most like about Fishing With Phonics is it stimulates children to learn.  It’s a great source for timed reading and developing their reading skills. Funny Fish is one of my favorite parts of the program.  It’s an exemplary program for an exemplary school.”        
CloAnn Adamcek (K-4th Grade Paraprofessional – Lamar CISD)

“I have been using this program with the lowest level of our readers in the second grade.  I have found it to be an easier program for me to teach and an improved program for the students compared to what I used last year.”
Stefanie Stanley (2nd Grade – Lamar CISD)

“I cut and pasted parts of the program to simplify it for my first graders.  This was an improvement over the phonics component of my reading program I used last year.”
Rose Vacek (1st Grade – Lamar CISD)

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