Workshops and Consulting

Crossroads Publications is committed to providing personal quality support services for the Fishing With Phonics product.  Four services are offered to help familiarize and instruct educators in the use of this program.
  • Personal Observation
    Come observe the program being used in the pilot school - Taylor Ray Elementary in
    Rosenberg, Texas – Lamar CISD.
  • Training DVD and Study Guide
    This two hour easy to understand video introduces the viewer to the program. It
    covers most of the objectives from the Fishing With Phonics: Basic Training workshop
    and some objectives found in the advanced training. Video clips of students using the
    program in an actual classroom are included.
  • Consultation and On-Site Demonstrations
    You may schedule on-site classroom demonstrations.  The author and creator of Fishing
    With Phonics
    will introduce the program to and demonstrate a lesson(s) with your
    students. Classroom demonstrations are each 75 to 90 minutes in length. Observe the
    program being used with your very own students! Watch the excitement and fun they
    can have while learning to read. (Principal references are available.)

    On-site consultations and workshops can be provided which include the assessment
    and evaluation of current programs through teacher interview, the workshops described below, and follow up observations and problem solving.
  • Workshops
    a) Fishing With Phonics (Basic Training) – 3 Hours
    - Your Mother’s Pearls (12 Steps to Becoming a Master Teacher)
    - Definition, Objectives and Characteristics of Program
    - History and Origin of Program
    - Target Students and Teacher Population
    - Student Prerequisites For Program Use
    - Testimonies
    - Components and General Overview
    - Twelve Step Instructional Lesson Cycle
    - Classroom Observation (Video Clips)
    - Questions, Answers and Conclusions
    b) Fishing With Phonics (Advanced Training) – 3 Hours
    - Motivational Focus-Introducing Students to the Program
    - Start Fishing! Hands on Role Playing
    - Classroom Games
    - Assessment Strategies
    - Fishy Phonetic Coding
    - Successful Leveled Pacing
    - Instructional Timing and Integration
    - Building Fluency (Expression and Timed Reading)
    - Make It Multi-Sensory
    - Diversifying Instruction and Encouraging ESL/ELL Students
    - Ongoing Support Services and Web Site Information
    - Questions, Answers and Conclusions Teacher Tutorial.jpg
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